The Phi Phi Islands are in the Andaman sea (Krabi Province), South-East of Phuket (48 Km.), South- West of Krabi (42 Km.). It is a group of six islands, three of which are mere rocks, and very small. The biggest one is Phi Phi (pee pee) Don . It is the only island of the group which has a small habitable section and accommodation for tourists. It used to be a fishing island with a population of about 100 fishermen, but in recent years the main industry has become tourism.

Tonsai Bay has the only harbour, and therefore all the ferries arrive and depart from there, which makes the centre of Phi Phi Don busy. The second largest island is Phi Phi Lay, which became famous after the film , The Beach, was shot there with Leonardo De Caprio. This is reputed to be one of the most beautoful parts of the world. The turquoise sea of many shades, the brilliant white coral sand, the limestone rocks which just out of the water , all make the islands spectacular. There is an abundance of coral and fish of all colours and sizes, and the area is therefore ideal for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving.

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